Here you can find images of some of the wonderful and most intriguing critters in Lembeh Strait. With many thanks to our guests who contributed to this underwater photo and video gallery.

Photos By Don Silcock

Blue Ringed Octopus, by Don Silcock - Divers Lodge Lembeh Nudibranch - Diving Lembeh Strait
Coconut Octopus - Diving in Lembeh Strait Pygmy Seahorse - By Don Silcock Snake Eel - Diving in Lembeh Strait Nudibranch - Diving in Lembeh Strait
Flamboyant Cuttlefish - Diving in Lembeh Strait Mimic Octopus - Diving in Lembeh Strait

Photos by Gail Vest & Peter Christen

Additional Gallery

Divers Lodge Lembeh Videos:

Diving Lembeh Strait (2009)

Special thanks to Tommy Vuylsteke and Bruno Van Herck

Bug Dreamer (2017)
Special thanks to Marcelo Johan Ogata