Private Dive Boat

Private Boat Only

Our private dive boats are built by divers for divers, are always at your personal disposal, whether you’re diving solo, with a partner, or with a group of friends. Designed for comfort and practicality.

With your own private boat, you have the freedom to create your own diving schedule. You decide when and where to dive, and there are no time limits as long as you stay within the safety standards of no decompression diving.

Private Dive Boat - Divers Lodge Lembeh

Private Dive Boat Features

As of 2024 we have three fiberglass dive boats. Each of our private dive boats is equipped with amenities to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Enjoy cool drinking water, tea, coffee, biscuits, and fresh fruit at any time. Your dive gear is stored and prepared in the mid-deck area for easy access, and we have tanks with fresh water to rinse your camera. Some boats also includes a toilet for your convenience.

Our boats are built to handle the diverse conditions of tropical waters. Whether we’re visiting remote dive sites on the ocean side of Lembeh Island or navigating the calm seas for which Lembeh is known, you can trust in the resilience of our vessels. Each boat is powered by two, four-stroke engines, ensuring a smooth and reliable journey.

Private Dive Boat Interior - Divers Lodge Lembeh

Safety is our top priority. Each boat is equipped with life jackets, an emergency kit, an oxygen tank, a mobile phone, and spare parts for diving equipment. All boats also have navigation lights for visibility.

Should you meet new friends during your stay and decide to share the boat and the costs, we’re more than happy to adjust the schedule accordingly. The price for this unique service is IDR 1,200,000 per day, per boat, in addition to the number of dives you make. For more information about our private boat pricing, is available in our Prices and Booking page.

Private Dive Boat Interior 2 - Divers Lodge Lembeh

Updated 10 February 2024