A DIVER'S DREAM WITHIN ALL BUDGETSDivers Lodge Lembeh is a dive and nature resort situated on the beautiful Lembeh island

Located on the most beautiful part of Lembeh Island, Divers Lodge Lembeh Resort is a haven for divers. Our resort is ideally situated between the Lembeh Strait and Sulawesi Sea, surrounded by a protected forest. Just an hour and fifteen minutes away from the Manado Airport, Divers Lodge Lembeh offers a unique and unforgettable diving experience.

A Diver’s Dream Within All Budgets

At Divers Lodge Lembeh Resort, we’ve been making diving dreams come true since 2002. Our founders, Linda and Rob, along with their children Adrian and Indah, and their two pet dogs Cantik and Ganteng, live permanently at the resort. They warmly welcome you as their personal guests. Each and every bungalow and the restaurant offer a great view at the sea, forest and mountains. Our experienced guides are happy to help you to spot the most amazing critters, and our private guides and unlimited dive time guarantees you can take all the time you want. Our custom-built boats are spacious and have everything you need – towels, water, tea, coffee, snacks, and safety equipment.

Private Dive Guides


Our experienced, English-speaking dive guides are ready to help you discover and enjoy the famous “Critter Capitol of the World” – a world-renowned location for spotting unique marine creatures. Every buddy team will have their own guide, ensuring a personalized experience. They are happy to help you to find everything on your wish-list: mimic octopus, hairy frog fish, pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, harlequin shrimps, ghost pipe-fish, boxer crabs, flamboyant cuttlefish or others? They will find them if they are around.

Furthermore, every guide in Divers Lodge Lembeh has made at least 500 dives and gained extensive experience working with underwater photographers. Additionally from October – April we also offer amazing coral and wall dives at the Southeast side of Lembeh Island and within Lembeh Strait. These dive sites are comparable to Bangka Island.

You can find out more in our diving page: Diving Lembeh Strait and About Lembeh Strait.

Private Boat, Always

Our boats are designed by divers and built for diving. We offer private boats for all guests, whether you come alone, with your spouse, buddy, or group of friends. You can create your own schedule, decide when and where to dive, and dive without time limits, as long as it is within the safety standards of no decompression diving. The Interior of one of our private dive boats.

If you meet new friends and want to share the boat and costs, we will adjust the schedule accordingly. The cost for this unique service is IDR 1,200,000 per day, per boat, in addition to the number of dives you make. Our rates are lower than any other dive resorts you will find.

Please have a look at https://www.diverslodgelembeh.com/prices-booking-divers-lodge-lembeh/ for all our rates.

Culture & Nature Exploration

Our resort provides expertly guided day trips to interesting destinations in North Sulawesi. Explore the natural beauty and cultural richness of Tangkoko National Park and the Minahassa Highlands, and local villages on Lembeh Island. For a more leisurely experience, we also offer stable kayaks for personal use at the bay of Walenekoko.

View from Bungalow Rajawali

Experience Beautiful Nature, Privacy & Comfortable Living

Divers Lodge Lembeh is surrounded by 25 hectares of tropical nature reserve and only 4 percent of it, is used by the resort itself. The resort is a true butterfly paradise and over the years more and more birds made it their home. Tarsier Spectrum (very small primates), Civets and Monitor lizards are permanent residents here.

Our bungalows Our bungalows are well-spaced, ensuring plenty of privacy and each with a private balcony that offers spectacular sea views of Lembeh Strait and Walenekoko Bay. The neat and spacious rooms have western-style bathrooms, excellent beds, hot showers, and free laundry service, ensuring you have a comfortable stay. Air conditioning is installed in a few of our larger bungalows, although we believe it’s unnecessary. Prices start from IDR 875,000 per night, per person, on a full board basis.  Detailed descriptions of the bungalows can be found here. 

Restaurant and open lounge at Divers Lodge Lembeh

The kitchen of Divers Lodge Lembeh is keeping up her reputation of freshly prepared, tasty and healthy meals. The Indonesian dishes really taste Indonesian, without being too spicy. Instead of the traditional frying of the vegetables we also serve them steamed.  There is extra home-made sambal for the guests who like it “very hot”.  Pastas, potatoes and home-made bread  are served to offer an alternative for rice and noodles.  We do not use MSG and palm oil in our kitchen and all food is Halal.  Of course we also cater for vegetarians, vegans and guests with other special dietary requirements. Have a look at our cuisine page to get a taste of our dishes.

Free wireless internet is available (24h) at the restaurant, lounge and open deck area. You also will find a collection books and identification guides here. A high quality OLED screen can be used to watch movies.

Divers Lodge Lembeh Resort: Dive Requirements & Rules

To ensure the safety and comfort of all our guests, we have certain rules in place:

-Our restaurant maintains a smoke-free environment, additionally, smoking is prohibited in boat cabins, bungalows, and any area where others may be exposed to secondhand smoke. We prioritize the health and comfort of all our guests.

-Do not touch anything that is alive and do not encourage guides to do this while diving.

-No dives deeper than 30 meters

-No dives which need decompression stops.

-To dive with us, you should be at least 15 years old and have a certificate from an internationally recognized organization. We do not offer courses at Divers Lodge Lembeh.

Divers Lodge Lembeh Resort: Booking

Booking your holidays with Divers Lodge Lembeh is easier than your daily shopping! No deposit, No cancellation fee. Pay when you Check Out. Just send an email to info@diverslodgelembeh.com

Credit cards are not an option to pay at the moment. You can pay cash in Indonesian Rupiah, USD or EUR or by internet banking (by WISE, our account in the Netherlands or Indonesia). If you plan to use the WISE app, we suggest you set up your account before arriving in Indonesia.

Apart from a few high quality travel agencies, we do not cooperate with any online-booking agency.  This is one reason why our rates our lower than at other places. Please let us know if you prefer to make your reservation through an agency and we will advise you accordingly.

Divers Lodge Lembeh Resort: Contact Details

Email: info@diverslodgelembeh.com
Phone: +62 8124433754 (Rob & Linda – English, Nederlands, Deutsch, Bahasa Indonesia)

Sampai jumpa (see you soon)!

Below is a short movie made by Marcelo Johan Ogata during his time at Divers Lodge Lembeh. We thank him for this footage! Enjoy.

We regret to inform you that we had no other option but to close our Weda Resort at Halmahera. The impact on nature from exponentially growing industrial activities has made Eco-tourism in the area unfeasible for the time being. However, our foundation will continue its educational initiatives and kindergarten programs. If you stay with us, you directly contribute to our education and conservation projects.

Watch some of the shows made for Indonesian television by Rob and Linda and their team! Subscribe to YouTube channel Rob Sinke

Page Updated 22 August 2023