This is a full day trip of hiking to the active volcano Lokon. The trip to this volcano also takes about 90 minutes by boat & car from the resort, but it’s a 3 hour hike and the terrain is a bit challenging. We hike to Tompaluan, the active crater on the saddle between the two peaks of Lokon-Empung. You will need a proper trekking shoes for this hike, as the igneous rock trail formed by cooled lava can be slippery (even when dry).

What to wear/bring: Long sleeves, long pants, proper trekking shoes (or at least sneakers), a hat, sunblock, mosquito repellent (use before entering the forest) and an extra shirt.

Hiking Active Volcanoes - Crater of Lokon Volcano Hiking Active Volcanoes - The trail nearby the Crater of Lokon Volcano


The twin volcanoes Lokon and Empung, rising about 800 m above the plain of Tondano, are among the most active volcanoes of Sulawesi.
Lokon, the higher of the two peaks (whose summits are only 2.2 km apart), has a flat, craterless top.  The younger Empung volcano has a 400-m-wide, 150-m-deep crater that erupted last in the 18th century. All subsequent eruptions have originated from Tompaluan, a 150 x 250 m wide double crater situated in the saddle between the two peaks.

Historical eruptions have primarily produced small to moderate ash plumes that have occasionally damaged croplands and houses, but lava-dome growth and pyroclastic flows have also occurred. The last big explosive eruption was in July 2011.
Source: www.volcanodiscovery.com

Tour Price

Mahawu/Lokon Volcano Hiking Boat Transfer
Car and Driver
English Speaking Guide
IDR 1,890,000 IDR 1,095,000 IDR 850,000