Nature Resort

Located on the south west tip of Lembeh Island. Divers Lodge Lembeh is surrounded by their own 25 hectares of lush tropical forest and mangroves, while only 1 hectare of it is used by the resort itself. You may see a wide variety of big butterflies, many species of birds like the king fisher and sea eagle, monitor lizards, and with some luck you could find the rare Tarsier primates.

The resort resides between Walnekoko Lagoon, and Lembeh Strait. Offering an excellent view over the serene Lagoon, Lembeh Strait, Bitung City, and Mt Klabat. In addition the resort features beach access, with black sand, and an excellent house reef with Mandarinfish. We also have white sandy beaches on the other side of the peninsula, which you can get to with our kayaks.

All 8 bungalows at Divers Lodge Lembeh are scattered around the hill and each has its own path and private access. A lot of privacy and beautiful views are guaranteed. With a maximum capacity of 14 guests we can be sure to take the best care of every single visitor and make everyone feel here at home.

Nature Resort Divers Lodge Lembeh

An impression of Divers Lodge Lembeh from the air:


Divers Lodge Lembeh is dedicated to maintain an Eco-friendly (environmentally friendly) dive resort on Lembeh island by implementing eco-friendly technologies such as a Solar Water Heater to provide warm showers in the resort and low emission outboard engines on all of our boats. Solar power is partly providing the electricity. Read more about our vision on Eco tourism.

Low emmision outboard engines Solar power panels