Tangkoko National Park Tour

This is a half day tour to the most beautiful forested land remaining on North Sulawesi, Tangkoko National Park. Here you can see the Crested Black Macaques monkey (Macaca nigra), small ancient primates Tarsier (Tarsius spectrum), Bear Cuscus, Hornbills and many other birds.

Tangkoko National Park Tour - Crested Black Macaque Tangkoko National Park - A family of Macaques A macaque yawning
Tangkoko National Park Tour - Tarsier at night Tangkoko National Park Tour - Tarsiers
Tangkoko National Park Tour - Hornbill Tangkoko National Park Tour - Kingfisher
Green Tree Snake
Tangkoko National Park Tour - A pair of owls staring at the camera.

When to go, and how is it organized?

Since most of the animals are active in the morning, with activity reducing by midday, it is recommended to go there early. Usually our guests leave the resort between 5.30am to 7.00 am in the morning (by boat – then by car),it takes about an hour from the resort to get to Tagkoko National Park. It’s best to arrive at the national park before 9 am, since at the afternoon it can be uncomfortable with the temperature, and there are less animals. Our driver will wait for you while you’re doing the 3-hour hike in the jungle. When the tour is finished you can be back at the resort around at around 1.00 pm to 2.00pm.


  • The prices for the Tangkoko National Park Tour are as follows:
  • Single person: IDR 1.035.000
  • Two persons, per person: 595.000,
  • Three persons, per person: 350.000
  • This Includes: boat transfer, car + driver, drinking water, soft drinks and fruits, packed breakfast.

Please note that Entrance fee and guide not included yet.

What to wear/bring?

  • Torch
  • long sleeves
  • long pants
  • proper trekking shoes (or at least sneakers),
  • mosquito repellent (use before entering the forest),
  • extra T-shirt.


Updated 4 August 2023