Chill out in small open-air restaurant & lounge with attached terrace which offers a great sea view over the turquoise blue Walenekoko bay, Molucca Sea, Lembeh Strait and a conical silhouette of Mt. Klabat. In our restaurant and lounge it is not allowed to smoke. However, at the open terrace which is connected to the lounge one is allowed to smoke as long as other guests are not uncomfortable with it.

For your enjoyment, there is complimentary wireless internet, a 42 inch widescreen HDTV with surround home theater sound system, DVD/Blu-Ray player, movies, music, a wide range of novels, marine life identification books, home-made snack and chips, soft drinks and cold Bir Bintang/Heineken!

Restaurant and open lounge

All meals in the restaurant are served on a big table – family dinner style – and you can help yourself to as much as you like. We do not have an extended or a la carte menu. Dinner is usually served around 7.00 pm but if you do night dives, steaming dinner will be waiting for you when you are back at the resort. Breakfast is available anytime from 6 am. Lunch is served on the boat or at the resort.

Our chef is more than willing to accept menu requests including vegetarian meals or special considerations regarding food allergies. We do appreciate ample notice on dietary wishes. We do not prepare or serve reef fish, lobster, squid, pork, or bush meat and we never use MSG (monosodium glutamate) and palm oil in our cooking. For more details about the meals, please have look at our Cuisine.

Most evenings, the guests have dinner together with Rob and Linda or the management. This is also the time of day to get to know other guests and to discuss the next day’s schedule. After dinner, you can review the dives of that day with the dive guides, identify creatures in the guide books, watch movies, play a game, do some chit-chatting or just relax with a cold beer.