House Reef

Welcome to our 4-hectare sanctuary, the Divers Lodge Lembeh house reef. Since the implementation of a strict no-fishing policy in 2007, the reef has become a home for a diverse range of species, including the Mandarin fish.

The house reef is home to a variety of marine life. We saw Blue Ringed Octopus, Wonderpus, Hairy Squat Lobster, Tiger Shrimp, Hairy Octopus, and Ghost Pipefish, among other interesting species.

The dive depth of the reef varies between 2 and 30 meters, accommodating a range of diving experiences. The reef itself is a mix of coral formations and sandy slopes, interspersed with coral bommies and rubble. Patches of sea grass can be found in the shallower areas.

The reef begins at a shallow depth, suitable for snorkeling during calm weather. In certain areas, the reef extends to depths of 30-35 meters, where divers can observe schools of fish, including mackerel, triggerfish, and trevallies.

For more information about diving at the Divers Lodge Lembeh house reef, you can view our prices here.

Photos below made by Olivier Simons, Rients Faber, Markus Roth and Alexandra Harvarth during their stay.

Divers Lodge Lembeh House Reef - Mandarin fish mating Mandarinfish Mating
Mandarinfish Mating Mandarinfish Mating

Updated 4 August 2023