Health Issues - Divers Lodge Lembeh - Lembeh Strait



You may need to accustomize yourself to the nice Indonesian climate. The temperature varies from ca. 32 °C during daytime to 24 °C at night, with a relative humidity of 80 to 90%. There is not really a ‘dry’ season and a ‘rainy’ season on Sulawesi. Divers Lodge Lembeh gets about only 40% of the rain Manado is receiving yearly. Everything in the (sub) tropics grows more abundantly, even bacteria and parasites. You will have to take extra care of your skin. Bathe regularly, but dry yourself carefully afterwards, also between your toes and in your armpits and groins. Change quickly out of your wet swimsuit. Use ointment in your groins and special drops in your ears after each dive to prevent fungal infections. Keep your body covered as much as possible on jungle trips. Even though your clothes get soaking wet, it’s better than coming home with scratches and insect bites. Take every little wound seriously. Do not scratch mosquito bites. Wound infection is much more frequent and more severe than in colder climates. Treat small wounds immediately (do not wait until you reach your cottage) with iodine or another antiseptic lotion and cover them with a band aid.


Malaria is caused by parasites of the Plasmodium-species that damage liver and blood cells. There are four different parasites that can cause different forms of malaria. The parasite is transferred by mosquitoes. Because of resistance of the parasite against several of the anti-malaria medicines, even if you take appropriate prophylactic medicine, malaria can occur. After infection it may take several days and sometimes years, before symptoms appear. At first the resemblance with an ordinary flu may be confusing (headache, fever, nausea, muscle ache). Diagnosis can be obtained through examination of blood. Therapy with other anti-malaria medicine must follow. The best way to prevent malaria is not getting mosquito-bites. Malaria-mosquitoes are active at night. Especially then you will have to use insect-repellent. Wear long trousers and sleeves and socks. Sleep under a mosquito net (klamboo) and burn some insect-repelling pyrethrine (‘obat nyamuk’). This can be bought everywhere in Indonesia.
Dengue is also transferred by mosquitoes, but these usually bite during daytime. Always be careful! All rooms in our Divers Lodge Lembeh are protected against insects thus you do not need a klamboo here.


All travellers should visit, before departure, either their personal physician or a travel health clinic for advice on prevention and vaccination. Watching what you eat and drink when you travel is just as important as being vaccinated. Take note that descriptions and advices regularly change, and because this site is not brought up to date frequently, the information here might be outdated.