Dive with Divers Lodge Lembeh in the Lembeh Strait and experience the best of what Lembeh Strait has to offer, in the most exceptional way. Additionally, from October to April, we also provide amazing “great visibility, abundant fish, and incredible corals” experiences on the walls of the East side of Lembeh Island.


Boxing crab

Boxing crab

Our experienced, English speaking dive guides will give you all the time you want to discover and enjoy the famous “Critter Capital of the World” at your own pace. And they are happy to show you the things that you might otherwise have missed. Tell them your wish-list: mimic octopus, hairy frogfish, pigmy seahorses, specific nudibranchs, harlequin shrimps, ghost pipefish, boxer crabs, flamboyant cuttlefish or others? They will find them, if they are around. Every guide has made at least 500 dives in Lembeh Strait. Very few places on the sea bottom are unfamiliar to them, and even fewer creatures can hide from their experienced eyes.

Our knowledgeable, English-speaking dive guides are dedicated to giving you all the time you need to explore and enjoy the famous “Critter Capital of the World” at your own pace. They’re eager to help you spot the things you might have otherwise missed. Share your wish-list with them, whether it’s a mimic octopus, hairy frogfish, pygmy seahorses, specific nudibranchs, harlequin shrimps, ghost pipefish, boxer crabs, flamboyant cuttlefish, or others. If these creatures are around, our guides will find them for you. Each guide has completed at least 500 dives in the Lembeh Strait, so very few spots on the seabed remain undiscovered by them, and even fewer creatures can elude their expert eyes.

Since you, or you and your partner or buddies will have your own private boat, you can create a schedule that suits your preferences perfectly.


We do not have any dive time limit as long as you stay within your computer no decompression limits and you have enough air. We expect that all divers adhere to our house rules: not deeper than 30 meters and no deco-dive profiles. Please do not disturb or touch anything that is alive. Please also read our rules for diving.

Pygmy Seahorses (Hippocampus Bargibanti)

Pygmy Seahorses (Hippocampus Bargibanti)


Divers Lodge Lembeh offers you the biggest diversity of dive sites around Lembeh, from black volcanic sandy bottom and beautiful coral gardens to walls and wrecks. There are more than fifty diving locations within our reach. Some of the best sites are just in front of our resort. For a maximum of 14 guests we have five dive boats.


Our boats are not only spacious, comfortable and (some) equipped with toilets, but also fast. Some distances in minutes: Goby a Crab (Tanjung Lampu) 8 minutes, Indah Wreck 10 minutes, Nudi Falls 15 minutes, Hairball (which is actually only 10 kilometers from our Lodge) 25 minutes. These times include launching from the resort and mooring at the site. We also safely can visit the East and East coast of Lembeh Island. Diving here is comparable with Bangka Island. Best time of the year: October – April. Distance 20 minutes. There is of course no surcharge for this dives.

While most of our guests use their own dive gear, complete sets of high quality dive equipment are available for rent – a complete set for only IDR 195.000 per day. Please inform us in advance. Note that all our tanks have a Int valve. If you bring a DIN regulator, please bring your own adopter because we only keep a few here.

Most of our dive tanks are 80 cubic feet (11.2 liter) but on request we have 7, 8, 13.25 and 15 liter tanks limited available.

We offer Nitrox 32%, but on request we can supply anything between 21 and 35%.

Please have a look at the website of our friend Teresa Zubi, for the map of Lembeh dive sites and her description of Lembeh dive sites.


Water temperature in Lembeh Strait varies by only a few degrees throughout the year. From October to March it lingers around 28-29 degrees Celsius (82-84 F). Then in April, May, June and September it drops slightly to 26-27 degrees Celsius (79-81F). July and August are the coldest months, with average water temperatures of about 25-26 degrees Celsius (77-79 F).

It is recommended to wear either a 3mm or 5mm full-length wet suit depending on your sensitivity to cold and which month you will be here.
The air temperature is fairly constant at around 30 degrees Celsius (86 F) throughout the year.


We’ve also made it super easy for you to enjoy swimming and snorkeling from our private beach area!

Snorkelling and Swimming steps Divers Lodge Lembeh  Snorkelling and Swimming access Divers Lodge Lembeh