Divers Lodge Lembeh, dive and nature resort at Lembeh Strait, on the Island of Lembeh.


Divers Lodge Lembeh is very proud that we can make your diver’s dream come true, within all budgets. If you want to get the most out of your diving holiday: unlimited diving from a private boat with a private guide, at very affordable rates. Diving whenever and as often as you want. You make the schedule, Divers Lodge Lembeh says: “Fine, no problem”. This is possible for a price that you sometimes, elsewhere would have to pay for the accommodation only: ‘unlimited’ diving, from your private boat with your private guide, including full board accommodation and Nitrox: IDR 3.267.000/EUR*217, -/USD*242, – per person (package shared by two persons). Also with our, even more budget friendly, “shared boat” options you can get the best out of your stay at Lembeh Strait.


Clown Frogfish

We never take more than 6 divers/snorkelers at our most spacious boats and even less at our other boats. We do not have a maximum dive time limit. As long it is safe and there are no deco-stops needed.Although we started diving in Lembeh Strait already in 2002, we still find new exciting sites. Even the last two years we discovered several top dive sites in the direct vicinity of the resort. And our “Mandarin House Reef” is still one of the “must visit” places of the Strait.

An unguided dive from our beach costs only IDR 110.000, -/EUR* 7.30/USD 8, – per dive.

Our boats are designed by divers and built for diving. They guarantee you comfortable and safe day-trips to all dive sites within the Strait of Lembeh and, season and weather depending, to the Oceanside of Lembeh Island and to Bangka Island.

We are very happy not to offer excellent diving only. If you stay at Divers Lodge Lembeh, you will enjoy the most beautiful part of Lembeh Island. The resort is a true butterfly paradise and over the years more and more birds made it their home. Divers Lodge Lembeh is surrounded by 25 hectares of tropical nature reserve.  Tarsier Spectrum (very small primates), Civets and Monitor lizards are permanent residents here.

The full-board accommodation price is IDR 742.000/EUR 49,50*/USD 55*/day, per person, per night. No single surcharge. 

wedaresort_logo (2)logo_dllExperience with us  “World’s Best Critter Diving” and the “Incredible Reefs of the Heart of the Coral Triangle”,  in one trip. Two very comfortable and affordable eco resorts: Divers Lodge Lembeh opened in 2002, when not many people knew about Lembeh Strait yet. Rob, the owner of Divers Lodge Lembeh and Weda reef and rainforest Resort, which opened in 2011, was the pioneer who explored the diving around Halmahera since 1989. Total 11 nights and 23 dives.



Divers Lodge Lembeh :

5 nights full-board accommodation* and  3 days with 3 dives per day and 1 day with 2 dives (total 11 dives)

Weda Reef and Rainforest Resort :

6 nights full-board accommodation* and 3 days with 3 dives per day, 2 days with 2 dives (total 13 dives),  Birding trip to visit the Birds of Paradise.

Price per person, including all transfers Manado airport – Divers Lodge Lembeh – Weda Resort – Manado airport:

IDR 27.125.000,- per person**/EUR 1.808, -***/USD 2.009, -***

 *All meals, cold/hot drinking water, tea, coffee, snacks, taxes. Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hair conditioner and anti-mosquito spray in your bungalow. We offer a free laundry service and a fresh towel in your bathroom and on your dive-boat every day.

**if two people travel together and share one bungalow.

***All our rates are in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). For your convenience, we mention on our website the approximate prices in EUR and USD . These EUR and USD prices are based on the currency exchange rates of 01 January 2016. For our offer or invoice we send you, we will use the exchange rates of that day, as published on : Bank Mandiri Exchange Rates under “buy”





Nature Resort

view from Rajawali

view from Rajawali

The bungalows at Divers Lodge Lembeh are spaced well apart, with plenty of privacy and spectacular sea view on both Lembeh Strait and Walenekoko Bay. Neat and spacious rooms with western style bathroom, excellent beds, hot shower and free laundry service, guarantee you a comfortable stay. You can look here for a description of the bungalows.

The kitchen of Divers Lodge Lembeh is keeping up her reputation. Always fresh prepared, tasty and healthy meals. The Indonesian dishes really taste Indonesian, without being too spicy. Instead of the traditional frying of the vegetables we also serve them steamed. There is extra home-made sambal for the guests who like it “very hot”. Pastas, potatoes and home-made bread  are served to offer an alternative for rice and noodles. We do not use MSG and palm oil in our kitchen and all food is Halal. Of course we also cater for vegetarians and guests with other special dietary requirements. Smoking is not allowed in the restaurant and the lounge but one can smoke at the attached open air terrace. Please also have a look at kitchen and food to get a taste of our dishes.

Free wireless internet is available 24 h at the restaurant & lounge area and there are a 42 inch full HDTV screen, DVD/BluRay player, movies, music, wide range of novels and marine life identification books, provided for your use and entertainment.

Easy booking and payment.
Making a reservation at Divers Lodge Lembeh and/or  Weda reef and rainforest Resort is easier than your daily shopping! Just send an email to info@diverslodgelembeh.com or info@wedaresort.com with check in date, check out date, needed transfers, how many days you want to dive, go birding or do other activities and preferred payment. And we will send you an offer/ invoice for your reservation.
Except from a few high quality travel agencies, we do not cooperate with any online-booking agency. Please let us know if you prefer to make your reservation through an agency and we will advise you accordingly. Payment can be done by bank transfer to our EUR bank account in The Netherlands or in EUR, USD and Rupiah to our account in Indonesia. You can also pay through PayPal with your Credit Card. We will send you the details in the invoice. The PRICES on our websites can be subject to changes, without prior notice. The prices on our website are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). The prices mentioned in EUR* and USD* are only an indication to help you to quickly estimate the costs and are calculated on an exchange rate of 15-8-2015: EUR 1 = IDR 15.000 and USD 1 = IDR 13.500. The offer/invoice we will send you for your reservation will be in IDR, EUR* and USD*. The amount in EUR* and USD* will be based on the currency rate of that moment as published on  Bank Mandiri Exchange Rates.
For any additional costs, at Divers Lodge Lembeh you can pay by bank transfer, cash (EUR/USD/IDR) or by Credit Card (VISA and MasterCard). At our Weda reef and rainforest Resort you only can pay cash in EUR, USD or IDR. For USD cash: preferably 100 USD notes, not older than 2009, without any marks, absolutely undamaged and unfolded, otherwise they will – for some strange reason – not be accepted by the local banks.


Contact details:
Email: info@diverslodgelembeh.com or info@wedaresort.com
Phone: +62 8124433754 (Rob & Linda – English, Nederlands, Deutsch, Bahasa Indonesia)
+62 81340044758 (Office – English, Bahasa Indonesia)
Sampai jumpa (see you soon)!